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Signs of Parkinson's Disease

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There are the following signs that you may develop the Parkinson's Disease. 1. unexplained stiffness in arms, legs, feet or hands 2. tremors in arms, legs, feet or hands 3. Muscle or joints freeze 4. Difficulty walking and balance 5 Stoop posture 6. soft speech,slur speech 7. small handwriting' 8. Insomina, anxieties, depression,constipation for the past few years 9. Mask face without smile 10. Drooling Saliva Consult movement disorder specialist for checkup.
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Parkinson's Disease
Unlike many other neurodegenerative diseases, there is effective symptomatic therapy for Parkinson's disease that can provide most patients with several years of satisfactory quality of life and response to treatment. Key points in PD therapy include:
No therapy has yet been shown to slow or reverse the disease, although clinical trials of several candidates have shown intriguing results.
Levodopa continues to be the most effective treatment for motor symptoms, and all patients eventually require it.
Long-term complications of dopaminergic therapy are a concern that drives decision-making early in the treatment program.
Non-motor symptoms, especially depression and anxiety, are important targets of therapy.
Surgical treatment has become a mainstay of late-stage management, although not all patients can afford it or are appropriate candidates.
Cell transplant therapies are still experimental.
Non-pharmacological treatments remain an important part of a comprehensive treatment program.

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Thanks for the post. Joe Jankovic also stresses unexplained shoulder pain._________________Michael S. Okun, M.D.

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