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Genetic and parkinson's

Posted: Sun May 03, 2009 6:00 am Post subject: Is Anxiety Genetic Inheritance or PD Symptom?

Dear Doctor I notice that I have been suffering from feelings of anxiety and impulsiveness for the pass few years, and this feelings have been particularly strong after I had been diagnosed as having Parkinson's Disease (PD). I overeact even to the most trivial of things, and I would lose my temper and take it out on my family members. I tend to get very sensitive over every tiny issue that crosses my mind. I get depressed and I have the feeling/urge to express myself over and over again on the issues I have problem with. This results in me repeating the same issues over and over again until my "urge" dies down. Furthermore, when I have this "urge"to express myself, I tend to get very emotional and impulsive, whereby I feel the need to immediately do the things to rectify the situation. I will feel very unsatisfied and unfulfilled if things does not go my way. I noticed that my children, particularly my son and one of my daughters, suffer from anxiety as well, and he/she can be pretty impulsive too. Is my feelings of anxiety/impulsiveness a result of PD? If so, please enlighten me on the causes associated with it. Since my son, who is only 36 years old, exhibit the symptoms of anxiety, can it be passed on genetically? For your information, I remember my mother has the same behaviour too.
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There can definitely be genetic anxiety disorders and other psychiatric disorders like depression or bipolar disease that run in families. This is usually unrelated to PD. Depression, impulsiveness, moodiness, anger, etc. can all be seen as manifestations of PD._________________Michael S. Okun, M.D.

Everyone has thoughts or a song that gets "stuck" in our mind. Perfectly normal!Stress can make it worse.Many very very successful people have obsessive personalities; dotting every i and crossing every T makes for great accountants, attorneys, surgeons, etc....Obsessive personality and obsessive compulsive disorder are both hereditary!Maybe talk to your doctor, the way you describe your urge, and the need to see it through, could be perfectly normal (just annoying) or medications like dopamine agonists or brain chemistry could have pushed it towards obsessive/compulsive thoughts or behaviors (interferes with the quality of your life).Anyone on a dopamine agonist needs to consult with their doctor immediately if they experience an increase in compulsive behavior! (A small or even cute obession could quickly become a huge problem; gambling, sex, spending, etc) And yes, heriditary does make you a bit more vulnerable to the medication caused compulsions.If you are not using an agonist, you might ask yourself if the thoughts interfere with your enjoyment of life, your relationships, or your functioning....many people are helped by cognitive behavior therapy, by behavior modification, by medication, or by changing a medication that causes compulsions
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