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NPF Discussion:denture and excess saliva

People with dentures have excess saliva as dentures are foreign substances in the mouth and the mouth produces excess saliva as a reaction perhaps treating the dentures as food

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Thanks for the comment. Also remember botox and anticholinergics can dry you up but may also lead to cavities!_________________Michael S. Okun, M.D.

There are complaint by the parkinson's patient to the doctor the drooling saliva and dentures
Therefore Movement disorder specialist deal with medication to minimise the effect of saliva on the patient.
They classified the excess of saliva is the slow saliva swallowing by PD neither the cause the saliva on dentures
The dentist classified the saliva developing dentures slippery and loose is a gap develop between the denture and the gummy ridge.

Therefore the denture may need repeated relines. Shrinkage of the bone and gums can be minimized or prevented with a proven technique

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Thanks for the added comment.
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