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Low blood pressure


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Dear Doctor,

My low blood pressure measurement varies from each time either sitting and standing

I feel slightly dizziness and nearly losing my balance.

My Blood test:

*RBC* 4.3 X10 12/L (below normal Male 4.5-6.5)

Haemoglobin 13.7 g/dL,PCV 40 %
MCVC 32 pg,MCH 91 fl,MCHC 35 g/dL,

*Platelets* 141 X10 9/L, (below normal 150-400 ),

WBC 6.2 X10/9L,Neutrophils 70 %,
Lymphocytes 28 %, Monocytes 1,below normal 2-10
Eosinophils 1 ,Baspphils 0

My medication:

Sinemet regular 1, Sinemet CR 3, Requip 6 mg,Jumex 10mg Plavix 75mg, Zantac 300 mg daily

Xatral XL 10mg, Stilnox 5 mg, Xanax 0.25 mg,Seroquel 12.5 mg
Lexapro 5mg *nightly*

I had T.I.A 2008, gastrointestinal disorder and insomina, bladder dysfunction.

Kindly advise
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Dr. Okun

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If it is low blood pressure and dizziness:

Ask your doc about getting rid of dopamine agonists, hydrating (6-8 glasses of water a day), stiockings, and in some cases midodrine or florinef.
Michael S. Okun, M.D.

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