Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wondering too, about how life is for our companions

Life with our partner changes with times.

We have gone good or bad, sweet or sour in our relationship. Shoulder rain and shine together.

I have five years with Parkinson's disease. I am very fortunate by Lord grace that I have retired from business I could spend times doing my research on PD on how to fight the diseases. Praise Lord I manage to slowdown its progression and am glad I am looking normal. Surf PLM forum Secret recipe behind the mask.

My partner is pleased to see my progress and we share our knowledge together on PD. We work together as we have understanding on PD how it affecting our lifestyle- Life changing but not life threatening.

Life is wonderful and full of care. It makes the world go round. There is no time to stand and fear. Be positive or life threaten.

Let us work together to fight the disease. Thank PLM provide us a forum to air our news on how to slowdown tthe PD and the latest medical research on the disease.

Praise Lord

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