Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dry eye and facial masked

I use to have dry eyes and facial masked. I look tired and my eyes are dry.

I have tried eye drops but it is still dry and look tired.

Recently my eyes specialist inserted eye plug into my both eye and treated my problem.

I started smile and look energetic at all time.

Temporary or permanent silicone plugs can be inserted in the lacrimal (tear) drainage ducts in your eyelids to keep tears on your eye from draining away as quickly. Called lacrimal plugs or punctal plugs, they can be inserted painlessly while you're in the eye doctor's office and normally are not felt once inserted



to help the PD patients aware the diseases and encourage to set up support groups to educate the patients and their immediate families
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22-January 07 Posted Today, 10:01 AM

Dear Mr. Teo,
Thank you for this interesting observation. Dry eyes are not uncommon, particularly as we age; and also among those with PD. This is something that people may want to discuss with their doctors.

Best regards,

Kathrynne Holden, MS


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