Friday, November 5, 2010

orthostatic hypotension

I have been diagnosed as suffering from fluctuations in my blood pressure (BP). I have taken the Upright Tilt Test, and the results confirm that my BP fluctuates depending on the various positions I am in. Due to my upright tilt table test conclusions

Asymptomatic through passsive tilting & given S/L GT
Postural hypotension 168/81 dropped to 91/51mmHg
Negative tilt table test

As a result, I put on compression stockings to stablelize my BP.People who have low blood pressure may also be told by their doctors that they should make use of the compression stockings typically used to deal with varicose veins. Low blood pressure can cause a pooling of blood in the veins which may or may not lead to varicose veins. Compression stockings can reduce that problem and can help keep people with low blood pressure medically safe.

My previous blood clot (T.I.A) in the year 2008 was caused by this fluctuation in my blood.

The side effects on my parkinson’s medications were also caused by this fluctuations in my blood i.e dizziness,lightheadedness,nausea,sweating,vomiting,shortness of breath and chest pain.

Using compression stockings to increase blood pressure in the legs Some people have low blood pressure all the time. They have no symptoms and their low readings are normal for them. In other people, blood pressure drops below normal because of some event or medical condition. Some people may experience symptoms of low pressure when standing up too quickly. Low blood pressure is a problem only if it causes dizziness, fainting or in extreme cases, shockMost normal blood pressures fall in the range of 90/60 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) to 130/80 mm Hg. But a significant drop, even as little as 20 mm Hg, can cause problems for some people

I have been suffering like you for years with Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension (NOH) and have found great relief from the clinical drug trial I have been involved with for the last 18 months. To get in the trial you had to have drops of 25 points standing to sitting, laying down etc. When approved the drug will be called Northera. Right now it is called Droxidopa. I found it has no side effects and works. It has been used in Japan for more than 20 years. Check it out on the Chelsea THerapeutics website.

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