Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not a" going *away disease

Parkinson's is a chronical neurogical illness i.e. not a going away" disease.

PD patients are different from what we define themself as "patient" i.e only during acute, self-limited illness or injury that temporarily impact their lives as an inconvenience or comfort.

The major functions of muscles are to produce movements of the body, to maintain the position of the body against the force of gravity,to produce movements of structures inside the body, and to alter pressures or tensions of structures in the body.

The symptoms of muscles disorders are as follows:

'1. Bradykinesia i.e. slowness of movement

2. Resting tremor i.e shaking,either one or both side

3. Rigidity i.e. marked stiffness

4.Decreased arm wing on one or both side

5. Problems with walking and balance i.e. freezing being unable to initiate a step forward

6. Small, cramped handwriting

7. Masked face ie. reduced facial expression

8. Low voice i.e not clear

Therefore PD patients have to choose an exercises that gets their muscles moving i.e stretching, in order to overcome the muscles stiffness, rigidity and slow movement.

A physiotherapy, doctor or personal trainer my be consulted as how to start on an exercise routine that encourages flexibilty, improves stamina and helps to maintain balance.

There is some evidence that tai chi and yoga help maintain flexibility and improve posture.


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