Sunday, November 16, 2008

Forum:difficulty diagnose by physicians on parkinson's?

The difficulty diagnose on parkinson's were illiteracy by patients and complacency by physicians .

People who have parkinson's have to continue their visit for life. physician will need to monitor the effectiveness of your medication.

Too often some physicians become complacent with their patients.

There are reasons that your doctor is becoming complacent

He or she fails to answer your questions to your satisfaction.
He or she seems “put out” by your questions.
He or she doesn’t seem to be aware of the newest medications or procedures for your condition.
He or she doesn’t seem concerned or interested that you are developing new symptoms.
He or she doesn’t allow sufficient time for discussion or questions during your exam.

Illiteracy by patients:
Denial. Helplessness. Anger. Withdrawal from social circles. These are all forms of coping with Parkinson’s Disease that may manifest themselves on diagnoses. It’s not uncommon for patient’s to begin avoiding doctor’s appointments, or refusing to take their medication. All in the very human hope that the diagnosis is somehow not true.

Parkinson's Scenario

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