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As Parkinson is a progressive disease the medication of Parkinson are not the treatment but they are only help to relief the symptoms i.e tremor, rigidity,akinesia postural instability (T R A P).

It is a chronicles disease, a degenerative neurologic disease. Degenerative disease means declining in quality thus the disease increases in severity over time.

It is a designer's disease some are more serious and some less serious . The similarities among these diseases can make diagnose difficult and frustrating.

My early prescription are eight Requip 2 mg and six Sinemet daily. I received a heavy doses as was told I amo doing long hours exercises at gym centre. I am taking the prescriptions for the past of eigth monhts.

There have been increased interest that exercises, diet,nutrition,supplements and understanding of the disease besides medication are the disease modifying or neuroprotective therapies that they slow the progression of parkinson's.,studies consistently report that those with PD who exercise regularly tend to do better than those who do not.

Healthy diet can help us achieve or maintain normal body weight, increase our energy level, boost our immune system, decrease risk factors for certain conditions or illnesses, and reduce constipation. It can be particularly helpful for people with PD to pay close attention to issues of diet and nutrition as poor nutritional status can result in, and contribute to, many of the common complaints associated with PD. For example, difficulties with swallowing can prevent people with PD from getting adequate nourishment, which can lead to a worsening of motor symptoms and increased weakness resulting in falls.

In addition to promoting overall physical and emotional health and well being, exercise tends to minimize some of the primary and secondary symptoms of the disease. Though exercise is not a cure, it can help people with PD maintain muscle tone and function, remain flexible, and improve overall mobililty.

At present I optimize my prescriptions to 2 Requip and 3 Sinemet daily.

Is it my understanding the symptoms of parkinson's and the management of the disease slowdown the disease progression?

Is it I am putting on masked face that I look as normal ?

Is it parkinson's a designer's disease that parkinson patients find difficulties doing hourly daily exercises?

Is it my hourly heavy exercises daily help me to put on masked face as normal?

My physcial exercise trainers surprise that I am doing better than the normal during my physcial training exercises.

My doctor, relatives, friends agree too.

The above are my recipe for living well the disorder disease.

Kindly comment

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Dr. Okun

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Thanks for your comments.

There are often many motor and nonmotor symptoms in PD and they usually stretch beyond the TRAP symptoms you mention. PD is a designer disease in that it is different in different people and treatment approaches must be tailored.

Exercise may improve the symptoms of PD. How much and how often and in which patients is unknown.

Exercise is thought to maybe modify disease progression or be neuroprotective but this is also unknown.

Some people believe exercise or instrument playing (trumpet or clarinet) improve facial expression but there is little data on this phenomenon.
Michael S. Okun, M.D.
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