Monday, June 7, 2010


Azilect medication is good for relief of Parkinson’s disease.
Because PD is progressive, a treatment that has been effective for months or years may need to be changed over time.

After several years of taking carbidopa/levodopa, you may find that the benefits of the drug seem to wear off more quickly, resulting in what doctors call fluctuation from “on” to “off” time. When you are “on” you are able to move well, but when you are “off” you may have trouble again with tremor, slowed movement, increased stiffness, freezing (the inability to move), or difficulty walking.

If these problems seem familiar, your doctor may want to add AZILECT® to your carbidopa/levodopa therapy

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Kevin said...

I understand that for someone who suffersfrom Parkinson, medication can be relieving and important for a good develpment. Sometimes the same happens Add therapy which some people trust in medication plus therapy, and some others believe that psychological work is the only solution. i believe therapy can help anybody, from parkinson to ADD.