Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Do any PD medications slow down the disease?

I started with Q 10 when I diagnosed as Parkinson's last five years old.

It is not the parkinson's medication but a supplements as some doctors prescribe for an early parkinson's patient.

I take Sinemet regular on the third years when my movement is slow. I increase Requip medication and improve my movement after six months. Besides I take vitamin and supplements daily as I do blood test on my vitamin and mineral level twice in a year.

Diet, nutrition and exercises are important too .

I wish to thank PatientsLikeMe Forum that I learn and share with the readers on how to battle the diseases.

All are in one to slow down the parkinson's. Discipline, perservation, consistance on yourself are the power to battle the parkinson's as It is a chronic disease and expensive for treatment.

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