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apathy vs depression

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The symptoms of Apathy : indifference, unconcern, lifelessness, uninterested, dullness, listless, uninquisitiveness, lack of emotions or feeling,etc Symptoms of depression: sadness, poor appetite, sleep disturbances, fatigue, feelings of guilt, self-criticism and worthlessness Apathy and depression are different emotional disorders. It is hard to deal people with apathy rather depression. There are so far no medication available for people with apathy. However people with depression started apathy if it is not treated._________________to help the PD patients aware the diseases and encourage to set up support groups to educate the patients and their immediate families
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I've heard the doctors say how hard it is to treat apathy, but for me two things helped. 1) stop taking Amantadine. 2) start taking Prozac. I know antidepressants aren't supposed to help with apathy, but after taking them for a very short time I went from not wanting to do anything at all (and believing nothing would ever seem fun again) to a reasonable sense of satisfaction with daily life. Antidepressants are worth a try. I never thought I'd be such a pill-pusher! sw

Question 1Can depression in Parkinson's be avoided?

Answer 1If the Parkinsonian symptoms are well controlled -especially if freezes and off periods are minimised, and pain is controlled, the risk of depression would be reduced. It is important however for carers and patients to be on the look out for signs of depression [low mood and irritability, inability to enjoy things, social withdrawal, reduced interest in life, sleep disturbance etc.] so it can be treated early; the presence of support structures and social contact will also help ...proper diet and exercise and using alcohol safely are also important. I don't think it is ever possible to state that by doing certain things you can prevent depression in every case but these are suggestions that may help to reduce the risk of onset.RC

Question 2What makes depression in Parkinson's different from ordinary depression?

Answer 2This is a difficult one. I guess it is different in that the person now has [at least] 2 disorders to cope with and that itself brings on frustration...there is some evidence that guilt feelings and suicidal ideas are less common in Parkinson's Depression; the big problem is that many of the symptoms of Parkinson's are similar to those of Depression so accurate diagnosis is not easy; in any event the principles of treatment are the same as in non-Parkinsonian Depression.RC

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