Monday, February 23, 2009

Nutrient and PD

A balanced, nutritious diet is important in Parkinson’s.
Many people with Parkinson’s disease lose weight because of poor appetite and inadequate food intake. Others who take levodopa may find that protein interferes with the dose of their medications taken immediately before, during or after the meal.
When it comes to nutrition, what matters most?
Eat a balanced diet with all of the daily nutritional requirements
Maintain bone health
Maintain bowel regularity
Balance medications and food
Adjust nutritional priorities for your situation and stage of disease
If you progressively lose weight for no clear reason you should bring this symptom to the attention of your physician, and undergo a careful and thorough medical evaluation.
Extra fresh fruits and vegetables provide fiber that will help or prevent constipation.
Limiting protein intake or staggering the levodopa dosing to avoid conflicts with meals can help solve this problem.
Take your medications before mealtimes on an empty stomach. For people who have swallowing difficulties, a diet of soft foods may be recommended.
Drink plenty of fluids during the day to keep hydrated, which helps to prevent constipation.

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