Monday, February 23, 2009

The stages of PD

Can you please explain the stages of Parkinson's disease? I need to know what to expect as the disease progresses so that I can be prepared for it. (CH)Hide Answer
The "staging" of Parkinson's disease (PD) is not based on symptoms seen but rather on the level of limitations the person with PD is experiencing. For example, Stage 1 is defined as minor involvement on only one side of the body with no limitations in daily activities. Stage 5 is defined as sigificant limitations, bed or wheelchair-bound and requiring assistance with all daily activities. There are many symptoms that can be seen as part of Parkinson's, but not every person with this diagnosis is going to experience every one or any symptom in a particular order. And because everyone's activities of daily life can differ greatly, a symptom such as tremor that might limit or bother one person may not interfere in someone else's life which doesn't require a steady hand. Therefore, I would rather encourage you to learn about Parkinson's disease itself to understand what symptoms are possible to be seen and what therapies are available to help limit the severity of these symptoms should they be experienced. I would encourage you to learn about exercise and dietary considerations and coping strategies for different symptoms that may arise. Know what's possible AND that there are things that can be done so IF such problems arise, you can recognize them and are prepared to tackle them. We can help as we offer a wide variety of printed materials which cover most all aspects of Parkinson's (re-visit our website at; we have four counselors available to help via our toll-free HelpLine (800)457-6676. We have resources to other organizations, agencies, foundations, etc. which, should the need arise, we are happy to share. Let us know how we can help

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