Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nutrition in Parkinson's disease

Living with parkinson’s disease have many impacts of their lifestyle.

I have experience constipation, stomach emptying,bloating,saliva,eye vision,and swallowing problems.

Sideeffect of medications caused me nausea,dry mouth, dizzinness, sleepliness, vivid dreaming and appetite loss/loss of taste or smell.

Therefore people with PD are at increased risk for malnutrition.

The impact of malnutrition are as follows.
1.Bone thinning 2.Dehydration
3.Bowel movement 4.unplanned weight loss
5.medication sideeffects 6.protein -levodopa interaction; levodopa (Sinemet, madopar) compete for absorption from the small intestine with proteins in food

Parkinson's disease is a complicated disease that affect each person differently, nutrition are important for your bone strengthening, dehydration, bowel movement and weight loss.

Though nutrition would not cure PD or slow its progression but it would improve your quality living.

As for my nutrition I have blood test on my antioxidant level twice in a year and top up by supplements.

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