Sunday, December 21, 2008

Breathing difficulty with PD

Breathing difficulties with PD i.e tightness and contraction in the throat weaken muscles that control breathing .The breathing is not in full i.e the chest wall doesn't move i.e reducing sense of smell that dampen the appetites contributing the malnutrition.Therefore people have PD find difficulty/ reducing sniffing i.e desperately difficulties breathing large amount of air. There are 40% at the older age die on pneumonia worsen made by PD itself.In general breathing problems in PD are not prominent, although late in the disease we worry about immobility and swallowing dysfunction leading to aspiration pneumonia.

Breathing exercise help me strength and flexibility during my PT training and class exercise program in the gym . My trainers are pleased with my progress. I am pleased that I am able to do posture balance in my yoga classes.

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