Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What exercise ideal for PD?

A combination of stretching, weightlifting, and cardiovascular exercises is ideal. Exactly which and how much will depend upon your own abilities. Refer to your qualified physical therapist. The PT can assess your strength and abilities and help you design the best possible program for your individual needs.

As for me I use to work two hours daily in the Gym Fitness Centre. I take part in classes : Body combat, yoga, spinning and weightlifting. I have two PT trainers who guide me. They design the best possible program suitable for me., a combination of stretching,weightlifting , and cardiovascular exercises.

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Teo, I have long admired your vigor and positive outlook. Certainly any exercises we can do have got to be beneficial not only physically but for our self worth as well. John Ball runs marathons and takes long bicycle rides even though he has had PD about 30 years. I actually believe that what you are doing with your exercises helps to postpone the more serious aspects of this beast. I find that I can walk about three miles, and do calisthenics. That is my limit, but it helps. Shanti Jack