Saturday, December 20, 2008

Proper diet

PD is a complicated disease, that affect each person differently,but there are needs for nutrition to sustain the body and stay healthy.
Though there are no special diet required for people with parkinson's.

With the proper diet, our bodies work more efficiently, we have more energy, and Parkinson's disease medications will work properly.

Fiber Fiber is very important because some Parkinson's patients have problems with constipation.

Protein "...Protein can interfere with the uptake of levodopa into the body and the brain and, as a result, reduce the effectiveness of the drug..."

Water Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day helps to flush impurities through your system and also softens the bowel to combat constipation.

There are some possible causes due to medication they have nauses, loss of appetite, depression, eating very slowly. fear of choking - difficulty swallowing.
Therefore consult the dietitan to optimize nutrition to determine whether any of the above conditions occur.

Proper diet help me to slowdown Parkinson’s disease as I use to consult the detitan twice in a year by taking blood test on my antioxidant; vitamin and mineral level. The detitan optimizemy nutritional level by supplements.

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