Saturday, January 31, 2009

Deep breathing and relaxation

Due to nerve cell loss in the brain (substantia nigra) resulting in less dopamine production leading to involuntary movement causing people with parkinson's difficulty in breathing , relaxation and swallowing.

They have anxiety, depression, stress, insomina, constipation, involuntary movement which are affecting their lifestyle either mentally or physically.

Learning to do deep breathing by using your core muscle to relax your mental depression and helpful for your immunity against illness.

In short we use deep breathing in any exercises; stretching,straightening and strenghtening our body to deal with either mental or phsyical health.

There are deep breathing exercises; Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilate, cardio, spinning for your choice. It improve for your better posture, stretching and straightening your muscle of upper and lower part . Besides it trains your endurance, patience,consistency and perseverance to deal with the chronic disease.

Relaxation experts advise anywhere from five to ten deep breaths in and out slowly (to a count of 5), relaxing your body.

At the same time, they advise picking one word or phrase (some call it a “mantra”) to repeat as you breathe in, and again as you breathe out.

This will help you concentrate on your breathing, and distract you from the stressful, overwhelming situation in which you find yourself. You may not be able to remove your body, but you can relax it.

Practicing breathing exercises has both physical and emotional benefits for you. For one thing, you can do them anywhere and at any time. For another thing, this type of breathing gets more oxygen into your body and will improve your ability to think clearly, helping you to better cope with the situation at hand. With a clear mind and a relaxed body, you will be able to quickly and easily deal with that overwhelming feeling of stress

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