Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hamstring and joint pains

Muscle and joint pain are common with parkinson's
This is how I battle with the muscle and joint pain on my right leg:-
I have hamstring( tendon behind my knee) pain and is difficulty for me to stand with one leg. I am fortunate I have no problem with the other leg (left).
I find difficulty to do Tree Posture(Yoga) to use one leg to support the other.
I discovered I have the problems in the year of 1990 though I have treatment.
It is the first symptoms of my Parkinson's.
In order to battle the joint pain I place my left or right leg against the wall to do stretching and stretching my leg up and down,front and back 20 times each daily.
After the stretching I place cold/hot pak on the joint pain to relief besides medication and supplements.

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