Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yoga and exercise

I have exercises in the gym i.e body pump, body combat, spinning, cardio, box and kick execises

I consider Yoga has most benefits for parkinson's patient.Yoga is a mind, mood and soul exercises. It orginating from India two thousand ago and been technically scientific and modified by western into one of the physical exercise that promote mind,mood and spirit.

Parkinson's disease is a movement and non movement disorder's kindly consider learning Yoga as a tool to combat the diseases. It teaches you on how to relief your muscle stiffness, rigidity and stretching as well as twisting your hip bones and seat bone either standing and seating to uplifting your stoop postures. Yoga strenthen your muscle and increase mobility in jointsIt also aids patients in relaxation and have a disability and are struggling with managing your body or symptoms yoga could be a very good choice.
It also teaches you relaxation techniques on how to cool down and relief your anxieties, depression, insomina , and temper which are most helpful for parkinson's patient and provide strength to handle other troubles that beset you.. It is also a discipline improve your emotional and spiritual health as well.Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular means of relieving pain and increasing comfort for people with many different types of disabilities. Many patients practice adaptive yoga, which takes into consideration a patients wants and concerns as well as their limitations. Those with multiple sclerosis, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, post-surgical conditions, Parkinson's disease, stroke, arthritis, or simply a very sedentary lifestyle have been helped by doing yoga.

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