Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have muscle cramps

I have muscles cramps, stiffness, tightness, pains on my hip,thigh,shin,ankle, hamstring (tendon behind the knee) on left and right leg,cheek ,shoulder and neck for the past of 20 years before I had diagnosed as Parkinson's disease, sitting,standing and walking and it comes and goes few times a day.

I used to be treated by physcial and massage therapies. I couldnot remember which one comes first or later. I have stoop posture, slow movement and masked face without smile.

I was diagnosed as Parkinson's patients in year 2005. I realize that the muscle cramps was caused by my disorders nervous system (lack of dopamine); brain cells need dopamine to send messages to other parts of your brain, and to nerves and muscles throughout your body, help you move smoothly and do the right thing at the right time.

Besides Parkinson's medications, exercises, diet, nutrition and supplements I engaged PTA to strengthen my stoop posture, stretching my leg up and down, left and right, head and back few times to relief the stiffness and tightness.

At the same times I do stretching and straighting with both leg in and out for 30 times a day.

I place hot/cold pak on the affected mucles to ease the pain.
This is my experience on how I deal the muscle cramps.

There are other reason caused muscle cramps besides Parkinson's disease.

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