Friday, October 16, 2009

feature of stoop posture

Difficulty or slowness to start walking as a result of developing bradykinesia.
Shortened stride.
Bending forwards while walking, with rapid, small, shuffling steps and a tendency to run (festination). Festination may only develop at later stages of the disease and becomes more pronounced as the disease progresses.
Stiff, flexed posture is due to rigidity or increased muscular tone.
Tendency to stoop and lean forward while walking.
Difficulty in maintaining balance on turning is due to impaired postural righting reflexes.
Reduced arm swing while walking, especially on the side where Parkinson’s is more pronounced.
Tendency to fall, due to poor balance, may develop at a later stage of Parkinson’s disease.
Freezing – inability to move or start walking or stopping in mid-step, as if frozen on the spot (’statue’

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