Friday, September 24, 2010

uplight tilt table test

Due to my upright tilt table test conclusions

Asymptomatic through passsive tilting & given S/L GT
Postural hypotension 168/81 dropped to 91/51mmHg
Negative tilt table test

My doctor advises me to stop taking my medication Requip, Jumex due to sideeffect on me.

I have been with these medication more than 5 years.

As the result I have duminess leg and could not stable on standing up.

Besides I have low blood pressure. I have negative upright tilt table test report: postural hypotension 168/81 mmHg dropped to 91/51 mmHg

My doctor prescribed me Slow -K 600mg tablets two dosage daily.

I received first times compond sudium lactate Intravenous B.P Three bottles daily to increase my blood pressure five days stays in the hospital

i am advised to consult Psychiatrist as I have bipolar disorder due to depression and anxiety up and down and off and on days.

The bipolar disorder affecting my up and down blood pressure, not the PD medications.



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